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About Us

Popup Meal exists to help passionate cooks bring their food to their community and to the world. We want people who are passionate about food to unite and bond over food in a new way. Diners get to eat fun, new and exciting food within communities worldwide, while the cooks get to develop a brand around their own cooking style and gather restaurant launching experience.

The Popup Meal platform is designed to be easy to use for everyone. Following your favorite cooks and reviewing, allows good cooks to really build an audience and shine. Restaurants, cafés, bakeries – all, and more, are available to our cooks. They can further choose to offer dine-in, take-away or delivery.

We offer pop-up owners with the resources and the professional know-how to launch a pop-up and to run the operations. Our platform handles all the transactions to remove that work, and acts as a one-stop-shop for the owners. Saving time and energy. Building a brand and having access to our advisors will help any pop-up owner finally launch the food business of their dream.

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