Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of business can I open on PopUpMeal?

On PopUpMeal, you are free to open most food businesses. You can open a restaurant, cafe, or pizza delivery. You can sell your baked cakes, your butchered meat, your freshly caught fish, or fresh pasta. You can even open a bar, but you'll have to abide by local law on alcohol permits.

Is it legal for me to run a restaurant concept?

PopUpMeal encourages its users to act within the laws of their various countries, states, and cities. While operating a formal business requires the necessary paperwork and permits, PopUpMeal hosts all food pop-ups for the purpose of inviting others to try their food and drinks and to build communities, within those laws.

Should I be paying taxes as a host?

Tax laws vary from location to location. Usually no declaration is needed for tax purposes under a certain value. If you are using PopUpMeal for an income boost, you may need to claim the income on your taxes. Please check with a professional accountant in your area.

Is alcohol served at PopUpMeal pop-ups?

Alcohol is strictly controled in most parts of the world, and the sale of alcohol requires permits. If the pop-up holds a permit, they may sell the alcohol. If no permit exists, the host is free to allow you to bring your own, or may offer alcohol for free, under applicable laws. Please speak with your host regarding the consumption of alcohol.

Does PopUpMeal collect my personal information?

PopUpMeal does not collect any personal data aside from the information you provide on sign-up. We do not use this information for anything other than our own marketing purposes, and do not sell this information to anyone else. PopUpMeal believes strongly in online privacy and security, and are committed to ensuring your online rights.

Does PopUpMeal charge commission?

PopUpMeal believes in supporting the hosts and the guests to enjoy their experience fully. For this reason, PopUpMeal does not charge any transaction fees to either side. You are free to transact, for free. However, PayPal does charge a small transaction fee.

When do I get charged for the meal, and when do I get paid?

When a guest reserves a seat, and the host has accepted, the guest will be charged for the meal, and the money will be withdrawn from the guest's account. We transfer the funds over to the host the day after the meal. This prevents any financial confusion in case of cancellations by either side.

Do I have to give a donation to charity?

PopUpMeal believes strongly in sharing with those less fortunate. Each transaction provides the opportunity for the guest to donate to a registered charity of their choice. The host has a similar option, being able to provide all revenue raised to a charity.

Can I register my non-profit/charity as a user?

Charities and non-profits can sign up to receive donation, and can further register themselves as a host. This allows charities the chance to use pop-ups and food as a method of fundraising.

Can I register my real restaurant as a user?

If you have a registered restaurant already and are in full business, you are not permitted to register it on PopUpMeal. PopUpMeal is for pop-ups only, as in a temporary business. However, if a pop-up grows on our site and launches into a real business, we allow it to remain on PopUpMeal in order to keep in contact with their followers.

Will PopUpMeal be offered in more languages?

PopUpMeal is only in English now, but there are big plans to expand to as many languages as possible. We will add languages based on what countries are interested, so if interested, it's good to sign up!

What is TurtleMeet?

TurtleMeet was the original name of PopUpMeal. The name was originally chosen to convey taking life slow and enjoying meals with people in your community. Eventually, our community told us that they'd prefer a more relevant name, and since we're here to support you, the name PopUpMeal was created.